Yamaha Tracer 900 GT+


The most advanced electronic control technology found on any production Yamaha motorcycle, the new generation KADS (KYB® Actimatic Damper System) electronically controlled suspension system has been developed jointly with KYB® to provide exciting sports performance together with an extremely comfortable ride. Governed by the 6-axis IMU which monitors various sensors and constantly adjusts damping forces to suit prevailing riding conditions. The semi-active suspension also operates in conjunction with the Adaptive Cruise Control and Unified Brake System. Yamaha’s third generation quickshifter enables quick, clutchless up and down gear changes during both acceleration and deceleration allowing a wider range of functionality and more flexibility in your riding style. It also works in conjunction with the new Adaptive Cruise Control allowing riders to change gears without disengaging Cruise Control. The Tracer 9 GT+ features the world-renowned crossplane crankshaft 890cc CP3 engine. With a bore × stroke of 78 mm × 62.1 mm and an 11.5:1 compression ratio, it provides the type of broad, linear torque and thrilling power delivery character that’s perfect for Sport Touring.

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